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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hi, welcome to my New Home for me to pen my whirlwind adventures in motherhood!

Its gonna be a safe space for me write and express- and sometimes i can be quite corny or merepek - pls bear with me.. most important this is my safe space- my place of sharing my adventures, experience bla bla bla.. including my thoughts <3

Most important this is my safe space- my place of sharing...

Jangan kecam sis ok.

Love of Writing

The thing about blogging is- i fell in love in writing stuffs, stories and journaling since in high school. During school i use to write some teenage love stories and imagined how these crazy kids were like. And i find that being a writer gives me a place to escape to, a place i can have imagination and a safe place where its outside the reality..

Anyways lately i had the urged to do what i love- and i think writing gives me peace of mind.. a sense of inner happiness..

So what's yours? do share!

Speak soon!

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