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The Chronicles of the Heart

Sometimes the heart knows what it wants - and its so weird that we cant comprehend its language. Its weird enough that at times the heart can just decide whats best for us when the mind knows the outcome a long time ago.. Actually its the heart that takes a longer time to realise the truth..

For some of us; maybe our hearts has been missing for the longest time. We often ponder; puzzled and cant help wondering where has it been all these while? Has it been in hiding..

I dont know.. maybe when things get too overwhelming; the heart builds up its gates- and poof.. gone!

But yes.. the heart only wants what it wants. Even we ourselves dont understand the real truth of its being. We often cover ourselves in layer hoping someday the heart reveals its trueselves.

Being a mommy first

As a mommy- my heart lies with my boys..Looking at them grow each day kinda softens me up. I finally realise maybe they had my heart after all - and maybe they bring out more of me each day..

Maybe i dont really know where my heart went- but whenever i think about my beautiful boys- i know my life is gonna br ok. I know there's so much love to give and i know there is such thing as eternal love - a mother's love.

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